6 comments on “KEF to DIA. Garden of the Gods and CO with Jessica :)

  1. Woo! I made the blog 🙂 haha Glad your phone survived your crazy fall haha. Sorry not sorry we didn’t go to The Stanley 😛 Nothing special. I am still mad at you about Sherlock! I have to wait MONTHS!! UGH!

    • Of course you made the blog!! We spend 3.5 days together, haha. Looks like I’ll just have to settle for googling to hotel, lol. Now you see what I’ve been going through!! Sherlock only comes out for 3 weeks every 2 years!! Enjoy!! 😛 Browse the Pinterest pins or get a tumblr like the rest of us 😀

      • Oh right! I forgot that you spent the most time with me 🙂 sorry not sorry. I’ll stick to just watching the show and seeing what you pin all the time haha

      • Hahaha exactly!! Had a blast though!! Already miss Phantom 😄 Do you follow my Sherlock boards? I pin A LOT… you of all ppl KNOW my pinterest obsession, lol 😜

      • Awww! Most days I would say you can have her, but she’s been pretty good recently 🙂 I follow most of your boards, but I might have unfollowed since I hadn’t watched the show or understood the obsession. I understand now, just not THAT obsessed haha. I know about your pinterest obsession. It’s…something….hahaha

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