2 comments on “Miss Travel 3 – Seems to be picking up

  1. My question is: is this just an experiment or are you using this to find someone? I know it says you can just be friends while traveling, but what will happen when they want more? Are they expecting more? This is kinda cool, but I can’t really get past the “this is so strange” part.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Very good question. Yes, this is entirely an experiment as of right now. I do intend to go on at least one date, if possible just to get the mindset of what a man on this site would expect. Generally, a lunch date in a public place would be the best and if they come to me. I would of course notify friends and have one or two there as backup as well. Most men that I’ve seen are entirely capable and willing to go to the woman’s hometown or current location to meet after some time emailing and skyping. I think if you don’t want more, you make it clear in the beginning, as one of the women in the video interview mentioned. OR in some cases, it can start out as friends and if you feel a spark, why not see what happens, as the other woman’s experience was.

      In the end, it’s a case of 2 consenting adults. Brandon Wade mentions several times that his company doesn’t background check the men themselves, but the person on whose profile it is can pay for a background check to have a verification badge placed on their profile saying they are who they say they are. So far I’ve found this very useful. I have participated in the site as if it was any other dating website. I’ve responded to messages, sent ‘winks’, even favorited one or two.

      You’re right, it was strange to me at first until I started doing background digging and learning more about it. If you’re willing to stay with me through this journey, just ask questions or comment.

      Sara 🙂

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